Friday, 3 April 2015

3 Wishes for the long weekend

Ahhhh ...finally the long Easter weekend is here!
I have been thinking about how I will make the best use of the three days ahead to take a break, recharge my body and also enjoy!

#1 On my list is reading. 

I have a pile of articles on social media, women and entrepreneurship waiting to be unwrapped! But also listening to interesting TEDTalks I have downloaded and never had the chance to play.

#2 On the list is family. 

In-fact family and outdoor. Running, cycling, kicking a ball. It is incredible how much you recharge simply by spending quality and relaxed time with the people you love.

#3 It must be food! 

I will be cooking and sharing lazy lunches with family and friends. Good food to heal the soul!

So these are my simple yet so important wishes for the long weekend. Let's make it a peaceful one too, for myself, my family and everyone else near and far!

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