Friday, 29 May 2015

6 Speakers Share Their Thoughts For The Weekend

I have just attended TEDxWhitehallWomen today and although admittedly I was not able to stay for the entire duration, I was there for a great number of interesting and inspirational talks from passionate individuals, women and men.

 Rather than trying to synthesise their content I thought I would provide a summary of some of the most relevant, heart felt, authentic thoughts that resonated greatly with me. 

Lord Holmes of Richmond, Paralympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

'How do you carry on after the sudden permanent loss of your sight?' 

‘It is not about resources but resourcefulness’

‘Let belief blast us into the characters we can be' (borrowed from Shakeaspere)

Sophia Cannon, political commentator & barrister 

'Use the power of 3 in advocacy to put your case forward, to describe, define and develop your advocacy'

'Time is a particularly powerful aspect of advocacy. To make your case use...It was - It is - It will be'

Sue Owen, Permanent secretary, Department of Culture media Sport

'A career is more a tree than a ladder. A tree has many branches, you can choose different ways to climb up'    
'Bring all of your self to work (ladies), including your domestic skills.'

'Have a go and always aim for a branch higher than you had ever expected! Never, ever give up'

Harriet Minter, Editor, Guardian's Women in Leadership

'Adventure, Success and Bravery are all related.'

'Women need a safe place to try and fail.'

'Try failing until you get totally comfortable with it. Success will follow.'  

Lynne Parker, Entrepreneur, Funny Women

'Men use humour to rule - women to build community'

'Women take a lot longer to decide if something is funny. This is because so much is going on in our brain. It is paralysis by analysis'

Carl Konadu, entrepreneur, Commonwealth through Sport 

'Compassion, understanding and patience are the three leadership qualities I have learnt from the women around me' 

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