Friday, 22 May 2015

It's all in the #planning (and #preparation!)

Gone are the times in which entering a company meant job security and a pension at the end of it. Likewise, more people are abandoning corporate life in favour of self employment.
Whatever side of the fence you are in, the choice is yours and you are ultimately in control. By this I mean, you cannot expect other people to do it for you, make those decisions on your behalf, whether it is about a promotion or putting you forward for the interesting projects or giving you a new opportunity and so on. It is alomost entirely  need to think through what we wish to achieve and make it happen. And happen it will, if we continuously strive for clarity, improvement and self-development.  

People who are in control and achieve their objectives: 

         Understand themselves; their strengths and weaknesses 
         Plan, (self) assess, practice, feedback and review 
         Seek to continuously improve themselves 
         Find a mentor

Here are 4 steps and several questions to help you start the process:  

#1 – Understand Yourself /Get Clarity      

         What are my strengths and weaknesses?
         What are my likes and dislikes?
         What are my most important values?
         What brings me happiness?
         What are the issues I deeply care about?

#2 – Identify Issues / Challenges

         What are the challenges I am facing?
         Which issues matters the most?
         Which are the results I would like to achieve?
         What is the preferred outcome?
         What is my definition of success? 

#3 – Identify Options

         Make a list of all the possible options
         Identify plus and minuses for every option
         Think of long term versus short term
         Rate and then select the most appealing option(s)

#4 – Make an Action Plan!

         Which steps do you need to undertake to achieve your objective?
         What is the time frame?
         Who can help you by acting as mentor?
         Reality check: how much do you actually want this outcome?
         When will you review your action plan and how will you seek feedback?

The steps are apparently simple but a word of warning, if this process is to be done properly it will require time, reflection and calm (as in lack of distractions)…so put away your mobile gadgets now, take a deep breath and get going!  

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