Tuesday, 7 July 2015

#TuesdayTRIOS 3 Ways Your Summer Holidays Can Enhance Your Personal and Professional Success

Hello Summer!

We have waited for you all winter and now you are finally here!  So if you are at all like me you are absolutely loving the sunshine and the blue sky. As a matter of fact I am currently away enjoying not only sunshine and blue skies but a lovely sea side location with my family. I would dare say this is just perfection.

As I packed for the holiday however I told my self that this was too much a good occasion to just let it happen like that. Sure enough, I would be spending as much time as possible having fun with the family and relaxing but...would that be enough to go back feeling restored and repaired and ready to face the next challenge? Or could I do something more to make it even more valuable to me, personally and professionally as well as to those most dear to me?

So I made my self a little list of possible things that I can do to make the most of this time and then decide to focus on the following relatively simple and manageable 3 things:

#1 Read, read and read some more

Of course we all like to relax with s good book or two on holidays. But I actually downloaded on my iPad a series or articles, TED talks and digital magazines that I love to read but normally struggle to find the time to engage with. As I listen or read I make notes, annotate interesting points in a little journal and begin to develop ideas. Ideas for forthcoming blogs, concepts I may incorporate in my next projects, areas I want to reasearch. I know that they will come very handy when I revise them in the coming months, especially in those rather more miserable and rainy autumn days when energy runs low and inspiration is hard to come by.

#2 Be active

I am not the type to just lie by the pool for days on end, but now I have made a conscious decision to be active and particularly to walk by the sea, or amongst green, in parks or gardens. As I walk I let my mInd wander and enjoy the natural stimulation that comes with being in the open air. This is not just about wellness,although that is an aspect of it, but it is actually about being creative and gaining a new perspective through positive thinking and a change of scenery. Whilst not thinking about anything specifically I find that this enables my mind to find answers to existing questions and challenges simply by allowing myself to take on board unusual view points.

#3 Be Mindful!

Valuing every moment and purposefully being in the present is something I strive to do in my usually hectic day to day but rarely achieve. Too much to do, too many things to think about and so many balls to juggle normally means my mind always races ahead of it self. I am thinking about the next thing, then the next again even before I have completed the first task of the day.

But here on holiday, away from the rather more stressful routine, I have promised my self I will pay attention to the small things, I will observe, listen and reflect especially about the small events, from which we can often learn the most. As well as being good training per se  this will help me build a reservoir of emotional strengths I can call upon in months to come by when life becomes rather less calm.

If we can achieve this during our summer holiday we will emotionally enrich our selves and develop personal strengths for our busy professional lives. Let's not miss out on this opportunity! 

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