Friday, 21 August 2015

Why I Welcome An Unexpected Delay

I am sitting at the Eurotunnel terminal, French side, supposingly waiting for my channel tunnel train to turn up. The authority have just announced a series of the 1520 train has not turned up, the one after has not turned up and who knows which train will eventually lead us to the other side. And at what time!?

Having desperately tried to find out what is going on and being none the wiser, I decide to sit on a chair and - as my 9 year old just put it  - 'sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!'.

The truth is I cannot help but feeling annoyed at the delay, at the lack of information and at what will inevitably turn out to be a very late home arrival. On the other hand, I tell myself that doing what my son suggested seems kind of wise!  Most days, I wish I could have a middle of the day, unplanned break to do just this...sit back, think, read, write my why not maximising the opportunity now?!

I tell myself that I am lucky to be able to do this and really, this is my chance to catch up with emails, articles and the likes. I talk so much about the value of 'mindfulness' and then miss the opportunity to enjoy it at the first occasion!

So I am now going to grab a coffee, open those leadership articles I had kept for the usually unattainable 'quiet time' and do one thing...cherish the long delay as a unique opportunity to enjoy a special 'me' time. Long live travel disruptions! 

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