Tuesday, 8 September 2015

#TuesdayTRIOS 3 Reasons Why Hiring A Coach Is Critically Important To Buddying Entrepreneurs

I read and tweeted today about a very interestingly article on entrepreneurship from Forbes.com . The article identifies a list of 11 practical things entrepreneurs can do to become immediately more successful. To my delight, right at the top it lists 'hiring a coach'!

Am I glad? Absolutely ! Am I surprised? No....and yet, YES! I know and many know that investing in coaching and personal development is critically important on the one hand...on the other I also know by experience that many people would rather invest in a new business outfit or in an expensive hairdresser instead!
So the fact that this article reiterates the importance of having somebody to support you and push you in equal measure while setting up and growing your business means that more of you out there may come around to the idea that you simply cannot do it all alone! On my part I would like to expand on some of the explanations the article touches upon to give you even more 'food for thoughts' as to why you should hire a coach.

Reason #1 It is about 'making it happen'.

A start up client told me recently that one of the best things about working with me as her coach is the fact that she knows that I will keep her on the 'straight and narrow', I will ask her to get on with business plans, excel spreadsheets and will expect to see those documents and review them and feedback to her.  Basically, it is about the discipline and doing all those things that will make the business happen even though they may well be the less exciting part of developing a business - but absolutely necessary! 

Reason #2 It is about 'striving for improvement and keeping it real'

As also suggested by Forbes, we have mentors and coaches in sport, in academia and often in corporate environment. This is because we understand that our developmental journey can be a lonely one and because we need support, motivation and challenge to keep focussed and aim high. So why would we not have a coach when launching a business? Entrepreneurship is an all-consuming activity that will require a huge amount of drive, energy, concentration and sacrifice. Everything we own and care about is likely to be put at risk in some way or other, from remortgaging our house to relationship and family. So this is the occasion when a coach can provide timely support keeping us in check and making sure we direct our efforts in the most effective way.

Reason #3 It is about 'exploration: yourself, the environment and more'

This is one reason that personally I believe is very important to buddying entrepreneurs. Having a coach enables you to explore your-self, your ideas and the environment, feeling absolutely safe and empowered to do so without biases or judgements. Exploring and blue-skying is critical important especially at the beginning of the setting up business process because entrepreneurs must fully understand themselves (answering questions such as : What truly motivates me? Why am I doing this? What do I wish to achieve? What will success look like?) and then be able to think through the 'crazy ideas', the dreams and the unspoken or unfulfilled wishes (discussing the 'What ifs'), which they may not willingly discuss with staff or other stakeholders.

In all these years I have worked in business I have never heard anyone regretting going through a coaching process, providing the coach was right. And for all of you starting up in business, do you have a coach or are you thinking of getting one? Please feedback or leave your comments below! 

Alessandra is an experienced mentor, business coach, consultant and strategist. She supports individuals - especially women - and organisations in achieveing their potential through customised, outcome driven interventions . You can find out more about Alessandra here and contact her by email here. 

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