Friday, 21 April 2017

The Power of Silent #Leadership

In this age of noise pollution and information overload I have found myself longing for moments of silence, away from everyday clatter. With silence comes mindfulness, reflection and learning as we take the time to stop and consider what is happening around us and within us.

Silence has indeed many benefits, not least because it can enable personal grow as well as growth in others when used well.  

- Silence can help you develop your other senses - in particular your intuition - as it enables you to focus on your internal thoughts and feelings;

- Silence can help you grow your own self awareness as it enables you to pay attention to and understand your emotions;

-Silence enables you develop deeper active listening skills and in so doing it encourages you to interact with others at a deeper level.

When we are engaged in a meaningful conversation and we allow silence to happen, instead of rushing to fill the space between sentences, we find ourselves able to explore a topic in greater depth by allowing the other person to develop their thinking on the topic.

Leaders are often expected to be vocal - not to mention 'loud' - about their wishes but in some contexts greater impact can be achieved when silence is used in role modelling desired behaviours.
It is often said that 'actions speak louder than words'   therefore if in doubt opt for silent leadership, role modelling rather than preaching about the behaviours that you wish to see happening amongst the people you are surrounded by.

Alessandra is an experienced mentor, business coach, consultant and strategist. She supports individuals - especially women - and organisations in achieving their potential through customised, outcome driven interventions . You can find out more about Alessandra here and contact her by email here.