Friday, 30 June 2017

Why we can all unleash our inner #WonderWoman

I recently watched the Wonder Woman block buster and, Hollywood clichés notwithstanding, thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did I go with a female friend who - like me - rejoiced at the opportunity of finally seeing a female hero on screen. More than that, I left the cinema feeling uplifted and empowered having witnessed female leadership of the kind I witness in action almost everyday.

If you are slightly puzzled at the above statement, I do not mean women lifting cars or going around with swords in the back of their dresses. But I do witness on a regular basis in women some of the traits and qualities that make Wonder Woman who she is. The choices she makes in the film are dictated by the female leadership traits that many other, rather more ordinary women display in their every day life, at home and at work.

Here are some of these traits:

#1 Integrity and authenticity above all. Wonder Woman bases all her action on staying true to her self, her principles and what she believes. Wonder Woman holds a very strong set of values and her best decisions are based on those. She fails when she goes astray and so do we. So the message is clear: know who you are and ensure that everything you do is in line with what you hold dear and will be always on track.
#2 Be supportive of other women and ask for help as necessary. Needless to say, as an Amazon Wonder Woman was raised in a matriarchal society where women dominated. She supported other women and asked for or offered help as necessary. Our society is rather more mixed and there is great beauty on that. Yet we can all do more to support other women, build a network and ensure that we facilitate opportunities for other female colleagues at work. In the longer term we will all win.

#3 Be brave. Easy to do in a film you will say, that is what heroes are all about. But no, I don't mean that you need to put your life or career at risk. I mean that you need to love and respect your self enough to recognise your worth, don't hold limiting beliefs and 'go for it' when the opportunity arises. Sometimes there will be scary decisions to be made - but you can rest assured that without fail they hold the best rewards.  If you are brave, the people you lead will stay with you on that path and even greater things will follow.

#4 Use emotions in a positive way. I have written before about the positive power of emotions and how important it is to use them in a positive and constructive way. Emotions are not something to be scared of, they are something to acknowledge and harness  in your self and other. Leading via emotional awareness (or EQ) will enable you to connect with others in a far deeper and authentic way enabling more meaningful relationships to take place as you listen with all your senses and take on board feelings as well as logic and reasons.

#5 Find Your True Call.   Wonder woman finds her true call at the end of the film. She says she finally know why she is in the world for and that gives her determination, passion and strength to act.
What is your true call? If you have not found it, take time to reflect and identify it. Observe yourself and your emotions, ask your self what drives you to wake up every morning. Once you have found your true call and your meaning don't shy away from it and everything will become apparent and easy to do as a consequence.

I know that women have these traits and it is a matter of taking affirmative actions and wanting to use them that will make a difference. You probably already display them albeit perhaps subconsciously. The best thing you can do is to go forth with the confidence and self-awareness that you already are Wonder Woman!    

Alessandra is an experienced mentor, business coach, consultant and strategist. She supports individuals - especially women - and organisations in achieving their potential through customised, outcome driven interventions . You can find out more about Alessandra here and contact her by email here. 


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  1. There is a wonder woman in us all. We just need to find it and bring it out. Women all around the world are supressed and opressed. They need to follow these guidlines to fulfill their potential