What I Do

I work with individuals and teams to enhance their effectiveness, confidence, communications, employability skills and overall performance. I provide coaching and mentoring, facilitate learning and development through workshops or undertake longer term, strategic project work for organisations. You can book me for an hour, a day or several weeks depending on the scope of the assignment. I can mentor on the phone or via skype, as well as face to face. 
My fees vary depending on the service and whether you are a self- funding individual or a corporate organisation. I recommend you contact me directly if you are interested, as I customise every service I deliver to your specific needs. Below I provide some examples of my most popular services:

One to one Coaching & Mentoring
  • career
  • self confidence
  • developing relationships
  • business development and planning 

Personal Development
  • how to create and maintain effective relationships
  • networking skills for success
  • 'C Squared' - growing self confidence & credibility exponentially 
  • assertiveness skills for work 
  • communicating to understand and impact others 
  • building a personal brand
Management and Leadership
  • management and leadership skills for new managers
  • the female leader
Coaching & Mentoring
  • coaching & mentoring skills for managers
  • introducing mentoring in organisations
  • facilitating a mentoring programme in organisations
  • training for mentees
  • training for mentors
Consulting Services

I undertake projects for clients in sectors including travel and tourism, education and professional services. Example of work I have undertaken in recent months include:
  • researching new customers and target markets
  • developing business to business propositions
  • international business expansion strategy
  • case studies development 
  • facilitating mentoring in organisation 
Facilitator, speaker and writer 
  • I am asked to moderate and facilitate panel discussions on a regular basis, at conferences, smaller round tables or other networking events.
  • I am not new to speaking myself, often on the topic of women and indeed mentoring to audiences in the UK and abroad.
  • Finally I have an extensive track record of contributing articles and comment to publications, blogs and similar (covering a mix of business, trade and other publications including Financial Times, Observer Director Magazine, Travel Trade Gazette, Travel Weekly, Shattered, Women in Business, Conference news to mention a few).
If any of the above is of interest please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your need, I will be only too happy to help!